The first stage of my capstone project involved researching the background and needs of Franklinton, Ohio. In my findings, I discovered a struggle for k-12 school attendance and the possibility for improved achievement. This, along with a lack of creative outlets for children in Franklinton, brought me to the conclusion that a STEAM K-8 school and makerspace would serve these needs.
I originally thought it would be a smart idea to partner up with a local makerspace, the Idea Foundry, but the needs of my program as a space for children did not align with their current business. 
I wanted my program to line up with the goals of Franklinton, as seen in the "Franklinton Target Area Plan 2020. I believe a STEAM school and makerspace would offer skill building and awareness of future certifications and apprenticeships. 
The end of my preliminary research lead me to start looking into/ thinking about the knowledge I would need to successful create a STEAM School and makerspace for children. Besides being a robotics and lego enthusiast , I had very little previous knowledge about designing a program like this. 

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